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Introducing our law firm

The Law and Society Student's Association 
Strives to Unite Students and the Law

Introducing Our Association

Our Association is committed to providing opportunities for students to gain insight into the legal field while connecting with like-minded individuals. We offer a wide range of events, including guest speaker sessions, networking events, and workshops that cover various legal topics. Our association is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse community where all students feel welcome to participate and share their perspectives.


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Our Focus Areas


Legal Education

We believe that education is key to understanding the law and its impact on society. Our association offers a variety of resources and events to help students gain a deeper understanding of the legal system and its complexities.


Social Justice

As an association, we are committed to promoting social justice and advocating for marginalized communities. We organize events and workshops that focus on issues related to human rights, diversity, and inclusion.


Legal Practice

We understand the importance of practical experience in the legal field. Our association provides opportunities for students to gain practical experience through internships, mentorship programs, and other initiatives.


Research and Writing

Our association runs an undergraduate social science journal called 'Writ of Certiorari.' We offer opportunities for students to develop their research and writing skills by contributing to the journal and participating in writing workshops.

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